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Cana Systems Limited Specializes in Fiber Optic Cabling, Data Cabling, Video Cabling & Video Wall Cabling far Large, Medium and small Businesses located in the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, BC. Your Network Cabling is the backbone of your system Integrity, weather your looking for Data, Voice cabling or Fiber Optic Cabling. Testing Of the cables is paramount.

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Our customers, CANA SYSTEMS LIMITED will review your existing Network systems and recommend a value added fit for purpose solution That will provide a long operational life and a cost effective system solution to your business.Your Data Cabling is a very important part of your entire network and paramount to your systems longevity.

    • Moves, additions, changes and Relocations

    Cana Systems Limited will recommend the best solutions for our customer and a recommendation with cost estimates to move forward.

    • Certification

    Cana Systems Limited is committed to your Networks Integrity and health, the cabling is the heart of your systems and must be protected,The insurance on the health of the systems comes with the Testing, with state of the art test equipment.

    Every Minute spent tracking Down issues represents time loss in productivity, which converts to loss of profits. For this reason Cana System Limited is committed to testing the Network. We test all facets of our customer Networks with only the industries best equipment.

    After the testing is complete a simple but informativeTest results are handed over by the Technician conducting the testing and providing the customer with a thorough understanding of the results.

    • Test Equipment
    • Fluke-Networks-DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer
    • Fluke Networks- F1-500-Fiber Optic Inspection Camera
    • Fluke Networks-CIQ-100-Cable Tester

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